Saturday, May 2, 2020

Ethical Workplace

Another aspect of Ethical Game is from the other side: how the game has been produced. Did its creation respects the persons that worked on it?
Video Games studios are well known for long hours, crunches, discrimination, mostly toward women, and various other issues.
Some of these issues, like the long hours, could be helped by having Unions, while some others, like discrimination, would probably need more involvement and responsibility from the companies' owners.
And maybe here a label could help as well. Not so much as a guaranty, as the others should be, but more as an engagement. So a bronze label would mean "we try to be a fair workplace", a silver label "we try hard to be a fair workplace", and a gold label "we make sure we are a fair workplace". It would be more like a "Fair Trade" label.

It could be for instance:

Bronze: "Coming from a fair workplace"
Silver: "Coming from a fair workplace - respecting all our employees."
Gold: "We engage ourselves to be a fair workplace - ensuring diversity, tolerance and respect towards our employees"

Then it might be something needing a different structure. So part of the Ethics of game, but not something that would be mixed with the other 2 types of label. And probably too much of a responsibility for the current small initiative.

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